Yuga Labs’ Otherside

Nov 22 ,2022

MediumSamet Duman

The reasons that made Otherside so special/popular.

This map is probably the map of the most popular #Metaverse project ever.

So how can we refer to this project that was published only a week ago?

100K = Total Parcels | 25 min. = Total Purchase Time

I know it sounds crazy but we’re talking about the fastest mint time in #web3 history.

The reasons that made Otherside so special/popular were;

- Yuga Labs can make you rich.

The whole #NFT world witnessed the financial gains of #BAYC and #MAYC owners by adopting the “Stay Bored” philosophy. While Yuga Labs is stingy about launching projects, the basic philosophy is that a piece of land that you will appreciate can make you rich.

- Parcels offered features we haven’t seen before.

Each plot is classified into 1 to 5-star categories. Besides, some attributes come with each parcel, and these can be sold. In other words, you can sell the element of your plot to another land or add a seed you like to your plot. The important thing about this is that it allows for ever-changing rarity categories. As we know, the lands purchased under the name of “Metaverse” outside the #Otherside are the parcels offered in empty square meters. It worked well that the game was more colorful.


- Kodas


A total of 10k Kodas are interspersed into 100k plots. Currently, you cannot buy and sell Kodas separately from the land, but since they are the 3rd 10k artifact characters released by Yuga Labs and they will provide a benefit in the future, the lands with #Koda are 6x more expensive than those without.



- Turning the total volume of Decentraland, the 2017 project, in just 96 hours.

You heard right, 4-year volume < 4-day volume. I’m not going too far.

- Yuga Labs use “curiosity” very well

Here is the magic. #YugaLabs never tells everything. You own land in the world’s most popular Metaverse project, but you can neither use its features nor your Koda. Yuga Labs takes over your curiosity so much that you can never leave the game, there is always the next step. When they explain what you are wondering now, they will serve other things you will wonder, this is where they are best.