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Ginoa makes it easy for anyone to learn about NFT collections and Metaverse items for free. We provide AI-backed valuation services. And an audited application for buying, selling, and bartering.

Estimated valuation for free of charge | Barterplace commission fee %0.99 | Autonomous NFT Trader profit share %25

Yes. Ginoa Token is a utility token that will be used in ecosystems such as fee discounts, buyback programs, NFT discounting, etc. For more details please check out the Whitepaper and Tokenomics

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You may directly contact us from [email protected], you may also reach us from social media such as Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Bartering on Barterplace provides a new opportunity to enter and exit collections. With Barterplace you can offer an NFT (or multiple NFTs) and cryptocurrency (if you wish) in exchange for an NFT (or NFTs) and cryptocurrency - to make a fair exchange. You no longer need to sell for liquidity to enter a new collection or negotiate an OTC swap at some sketchy link.

Ginoa uses Artificial Intelligence to determine an estimated value for top collectibles. Our proprietary AI uses on-chain data, rarity information, search trends, and more to help you recognize a more intelligent value for your NFT or Barter Offer. It's like getting your art appraised by an art dealer who wants you to get the best deal.

The NFT Item Profiler is an informational page for individual NFTs. See AI-backed estimated value, item rank, claim and flagged statuses, IP rights, royalty fees, trait floors, outstanding offers, and trade history in one place.

Ginoa uses our AI pricing algorithm, rarity information, sales history, sales volume, and more to determine an estimated value for your NFT collection. Navigate to the Wallet tab to view your Estimated Portfolio Value.

The Wallet tab helps you visualize the activity for your wallet, review ongoing barters, and see recommended deals based on your wallet activity.

Ginoa Pass is a utility NFT that gives some privileges to owners such as governance rights, power on DAO treasury, early access to new features, reduced commission, private discord channel, and stake. Ginoa Pass holders will also be able to participate in the Ginoa DAO and vote on proposals.

Autonomous NFT Trader developed as a web3 bot trades bargain items directly from the mainnet with millisecond precision and shares profit with users.

Metaverse investors are not able to understand the details of lands and parcels by using 2D maps that's why Ginoa will represent 3D versions of Decentraland and Otherdeed maps with valuable information and a user-friendly interface.