Ginoa Whitepaper


With the rise of cryptocurrencies in 2017, the first seeds of ‘crypto asset’ concept were planted. Just as the crypto of money came into existence; Crypto of lands, houses and works of art were made and continue to be made. Firstly NFT’s has occurred from LarvaLabs Team, they created exactly 10,000 unique crypto artworks called Cryptopunks. Then Decentraland team used VR technology and presented approximately 90.000 parcels of crypto lands. During this 3-year period, while cryptocurrencies were trending on bearish market, new categories of NFTs were formed and the variety of products increased thanks to Opensea. NFT market showed an exponential growth in a short time with the entry of new players when the bull season of cryptocurrencies was started in the end of 2020.The NFT boom in the early 2021, showed us what the market needed. These needs brought with them some opportunities and risks. Reduction of risks and fulfillment of requirements indeed would be beneficial for the NFT market dynamics.

Market Description & Problem

NFT is a type of cryptography token that represents a unique asset on the blockchain. Non fungible tokens are not inherently capable of being traded on conventional exchanges. These products can be traded in open marketplaces as offer, bid and auction.

The major problems in NFT market are; Fraud Overpricing Lack of information Liquidity High Gas Fee

Product Description & Solution

Ginoa is the first NFT expert in the world. Ginoa identifies NFTs and gives them a fair price. Ginoa provides fair price information about products by scanning the market with Amazon artificial intelligence infrastructure. Thanks to the fair price information, the buyer or seller learns the current value of the related crypto assets (NFTs). Artificial intelligence works 'fully synchronized' with main network, identifies the most liquid products, eliminates the risk of scams, unsuccessful projects and counterfeit products with low volume and few users. Ginoa provides NFT valuation service to the users that gives a fair price and directs it to the market where the relevant product is traded and this use is for free of charge. Ginoa is not only an expert but also is a barter place that users can directly barter (swap) their NFTs with low gas fee by using smart contract.In addition to this, potential fair bargains will be informed to users thanks to AI fair price mechanism.

Technical Summary

First of all it needs to be considered that the properties on the Metaverse collections determined by its value because of internal features. The distance to the road, the center and other important places (plazas, center, activity areas etc.) are important criteria for Decentraland. All road parcels in Decentraland were classified and other important parcels (plazas, center, activity areas etc.) were identified. The price of parcels are being made a sense of the distances to those registered parcels. For this, the Pythagorean theorem and the C programming language was used to quickly calculate the distances to all the important parcels (more than 10,000). Besides TensorFlow framework helps to decrease number of errors and increase the accuracy.Subsequently, by using historical sales data, a model was created via TensorFlow. A long training time and computing power was spent for the artificial intelligence model to produce the most accurate results. Models are created many times a day in order not to disrupt the current data flow. These processes are only valid for Decentraland. Other projects require just as much computing power and time as this one.
On the other hand for NFT collections such as CryptoPunks, BAYC, MeeBits, CloneX etc, according to AI point of view the dataset care about in the rarity of collection and characteristics of each items. Consequently it scans price actions from the past to the present by time with using time-lapse method to determined the fair price by understanding market orientation.

Token Description

Ginoa presents GINOA token as BEP-20 standards. Ticket: GINOA Total supply: 10.000.000 Circulation supply: 1.000.000 Contract Address: 0x2ff90b0c29ededdaf11c847925ea4a17789e88c3 Chain: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)


Ginoa as a first NFT expert that aim to set a first successful Barter place & Autonomous NFT trader as well. According to this reason Ginoa will give priority to users by using Ginoa Pass that believe in the path of crypto ecosystem and NFT utility to enrich Web3.

Autonomous NFT Trader is a robot backed on AI that find the best opportunity to buy or sell your NFT. Strategy is working like algo trading bots besides AI interpret the market situations and users psychology depends on price action.

Additionally, Ginoa token will be used for NFT barter place for fee discounts.

Stake 10.000 GINOA token at least 2 months to have a free Ginoa Pass NFT. APY is 54%.

Ginoa token will be demanded for Ginoa Pawn & factoring ecosystem for NFTs in the near future. Currently, Ginoa is a data provider of NFT hostage services for fair price information.

Ginoa Pawn which is an D’application also depends on smart contract; that users, defined as ‘Pledger’ and ‘Pledgee’, are able to either pledge their relevant NFT & Metaverse items or gaining interest according to ginoa credit score.

Factoring NFT means swap your NFT to token immediately is similar like cash a check; for instance if you have ordinary or extraordinary NFTs which you can not return to liquidity, GINOA will be the solution. You will exchange your feasible NFTs to GINOA token according to ratio of Ginoa factoring price.