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AI Backed Ranking and Estimated Price Mechanism

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You can Barter / Trade up to 100 Liquid Collections

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AI backed estimated price and renting solutions


AI Backed Ranking and Estimated Price Mechanism
  • Only trusted projects estimated by Ginoa AI
  • All data in one page
  • All Opensea items can be bought
  • Barter with one click
  • Rarities calculated by AI
  • Relevant offers
  • Royalty Fee information

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Justin Wu, Founder Of DCentral Miami, Has Joined Ginoa As An Ambassador

By Tim HALDORSSON on BLOCKSTERThe founder of DCentral Miami, Justin Wu has joined Ginoa as an ambassador to support the growth plans.ustin is a highly respected figure in the Web3 space, with a deep understanding of the technology and a passion for driving adoption. He has been involved in the NFT industry for several years and has a proven track record of success, having founded DCentral Miami, the largest multi-chain Web3 community facilitator.In his role as an ambassador for Ginoa, Justin will be working closely with the team to support the platform and help it grow. He will also share his

Jan 12, 2023

How Ginoa Is Helping NFT Traders Identify and Barter Valuable NFTs Using AI

By Tim HALDORSSON on BLOCKSTERGinoa is the intelligent way to barter, trade & explore NFTs. NFT holders usually decide what and how much to invest based on four main challenges: trust (rug pulls, fake volumes, fake purchases), valuation (correct price estimation, stolen products, airdrops), liquidation (hype, bear market, long-term liquidity), and fees (platform and royalty fees). Ginoa seeks to address these challenges with an all-in-one, trustworthy, audited platform that features a free Al-enabled pricing tool and hassle-free barterplace.—AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we ide

Jan 12, 2023

AI-Based Price Estimation of CryptoPunks and Beyond

IntroductionCryptoPunks are a series of digital collectibles released on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017 by the company Larva Labs. Each CryptoPunk is a unique non-fungible token (NFT) representing a pixel art character with various attributes and characteristics. These NFTs have recently gained popularity and have become a significant digital art and collectibles market.One of the primary challenges in estimating the price of a CryptoPunk NFT is the lack of a central marketplace or exchange where costs can be easily obtained. Prices for CryptoPunks have been recorded on various online marketp

Jan 9, 2023

A quick chat w Chatgpt about NFTs.

ChatGPT (generative pre-training) is an AI chatbot system akin to the automated customer support chats seen online. It is, however, a massive step up as it isn't limited to several answer options that can be frustrating.I'm totally shocked w its answers. The future is coming faster than we expected. Here are the results:Are NFTs the future?It's difficult to predict the future of any technology or market. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained a lot of attention recently, but it's not clear what the future holds for them. Some people believe that NFTs have the potential to revolutionize the way

Dec 7, 2022