Hi! We are Ginoa

Founded in 2021, Ginoa is a first-of-its-kind NFT and Metaverse Pricing expert.

The belief against NFTs are getting stronger day by day which was evidenced by the increasing volumes. Yet, the following questions are being asked by most of the market participants.

Those questions are “What about NFTs’ valuation? Is the pricing of NFTs speculative or not? How about the liquidity of them? Where and how NFT holders or Investors can reach to the right bids and offers?”

Our goal is to eliminate the current speculative pricing nature of NFTs by introducing artificial intelligence to the trading, collecting, and investing strategy.

Our team comes from five different countries with industry backgrounds in finance, tech, customer service, and consumer goods.

We look forward to being open, honest, and available for you while playing our part in taking the nascent NFT ecosystem.



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Samet Duman image

Samet Duman


Batıkan Çetin image

Batıkan Çetin


Erdem Akdemir image

Erdem Akdemir


Buse Fidan image

Buse Fidan


Bartu Utku image

Bartu Utku

Head of Europe

Öncü Sayın image

Öncü Sayın

Investment Advisor

Özgür Dayaklı image

Özgür Dayaklı

Brand & Community Manager

Serkan Mengi image

Serkan Mengi


Alper Kaplan image

Alper Kaplan

Machine Learning Engineer

Utku Aktaş image

Utku Aktaş

Machine Learning Engineer

Hakan Şahin image

Hakan Şahin

Blockchain Developer

Ahmet Değer image

Ahmet Değer

Back-End Developer

Kaan Hakan Akın image

Kaan Hakan Akın

Front-End Developer

Advisory Board

Justin Wu image

Justin Wu

Brand Ambassador

Çiğdem Öztabak image

Çiğdem Öztabak

Adv. Board Member

Adem Duman image

Adem Duman

Adv. Board Member

Murat Cantürk image

Murat Cantürk

Adv. Board Member

Anıl Kaya image

Anıl Kaya

Adv. Board Member

Kadir Aydın image

Kadir Aydın

Adv. Board Member

Murat Uzun image

Murat Uzun

Machine Learning Advisor


Our team is currently in talks with the world's largest crypto exchanges, stock exchanges, and venture capital companies to bring Ginoa to the masses. Please message us to get involved.

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